Is Beauty A Jewish Value?

Yes, we can overdose even on things like depth and meaning. Lets face it, especially at this time of year, weve all been marinating in one deep sermon after another. Serious, heavy issues are weighing on us whether about Israel, societys ills or the need to transform our lives. Or not. This shouldnt surprise anyone, but in Judaism, meaning lurks everywhere even in something as superficial as beauty. Beauty enhances the mitzvot by appealing to the senses, according to Gates of the Seasons: A Guide to the Jewish Year (Central Conference of American Rabbis). Beautiful sounds and agreeable fragrances, tastes, textures, colors, and artistry contribute to human enjoyment of religious acts, and beauty itself takes on a religious dimension. In other words, by adding beauty to what we see, hear, taste and feel, we enhance our spiritual experience of the mitzvah, which brings us closer to the mitzvah itself.
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‘Beauty and the Beast’: First look at season 2 premiere — EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

The women issued their formal apology to the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department (Jawi) after the National Fatwa Council issued an edict against them, citing the Administration of Islamic Law act of 1996, which states that participating, organizing or contributing to any type of beauty contest is not permissible and a sin for Muslims. The Malay Mail reported that Islamic authorities deemed the contestants’ desire to represent Malaysia in an international beauty contest illegal. Jawi director Datuk Che Mat Che Ali said Jawi’s enforcement unit would investigate the violation. The organizer of this years Miss Malaysia World contest, Datuk Anna Lim, was disappointed that the country could not be represented by Malays in an international beauty pageant, according to the Malay Mail report.
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Disqualified Malaysian beauty contestants apologize for insulting Islam

Related Fall TV 2013 Scouting Report: 48 Dramas Puns aside, the second season truly does promise some really good drama. As Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan told EW at Comic-Con (relive the chat below), the premiere picks up three months after Vincent (Ryan) was abducted by Muirfield, and well come to find that hes changed in some major ways. He has no scar, his memory has been wiped, and, most troubling, hes now a supercharged beast on a mysterious mission. Once reunited, its Cats (Kreuk) job to unravel the reasons behind Vincents change and set him right. (Unless, you know, she likes being in love a crazed super-beast.) The show returns Oct. 7 at 9pm on the CW.
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